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Web design

web design

Freelance work

During my studies I started taking on some small graphic design jobs, designing logo’s in the beginning but slowly transitioning to designing websites. For this I used mostly Squarespace as a medium, this way the clients could learn to adjust their finished websites themselves, adding new projects or contect.


Avenue design studio - web design and graphics

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Avenue design studio is an interior design studio that until now only had a blog and not a professional website showcasing all their projects in a clear way. The website is still not finished and will be linked here when online, but here is a sneak preview.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 19.32.58.png
Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 19.33.15.png
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As you can see in the images above, they wanted a clean and clear website, where the images caught all the attention. They do all their own photography and even appear in multiple magazines. In the grid pages it is important to see just the tops of the next images, as to invite the viewer to scroll and discover more, while in the blog and project entry pages the content had to fit onto the entire screen, no need to scroll or distraction from other information.

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Bendy is a organisation that connects coaches, yoga teachers, mindfulness experts and more to companies, universities and other organisations. The aim of the company was to look professional, to embrace health and peaceful colours, but not to be too spiritual or vague. It had to be clear what they are about and designed for the specific target group; mainly companies.

Using photos from Bendy and combining it with a clean layout, easy colours like green and grey gives the website a professional yet modern look.


Urban balance - web design

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Urban balance is run by Josta, where she combines coaching techniques with yoga philosophies and mindfulness methods. She works with young entrepreneurs or bigger corporate teams, besides teaching yoga classes. She wanted to present a professional organisation, especially with her own background in managing functions, while still touching upon the different philosophies she introduces into her coaching practice. Below you will find an overview of her website I helped her redesign.